Kenny Rogers fans help us out… Gene Golden was a long-time member of the band and we lost him to Leukemia Lymphoma. This is a great cause and for one of our own. Please feel free to make a donation in any amount from the link below. Thanks in advance.

Dear gentleman of The Kenny Rogers Band, you can not begin to know the joy you brought to those of us who attended your performance last night. The stories of how a certain song came about as well as your own personal stories while performing with Kenny made it that much more special. I am so glad I went and got to see you up close (2nd row)! Thank you to the guitar man for my special gift! Kenny Rogers had so many people who enjoyed his music. Each song brings a special memory. We all loved him and miss him so! Continue to share your special talents and come back to Wilson, NC anytime!!  – J.W.

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Tribute Bands…The category of “Tribute Bands” in the live music market has become a hot item for venues today, where audiences can get the beloved music of legendary artists at a fraction of the cost. The only issue with “tribute bands” is sometimes the quality of the performance, and oftentimes, just a group of guys who have put together a show based on a particular group or artist but really don’t have any other connection with that artist.


The Kenny Rogers Band show is a world apart…

We’re not a Tribute band, we ARE THE BAND…. the band who toured with Kenny Rogers for over 40 years, and more than 50 million fans, and 5000+ shows world-wide!

When looking at what we are offering by putting together this show, it is so much more than your typical “tribute band” and it is important to recognize the actual value of what we are delivering.

Our group and the tours that we have performed with Kenny over these many years, represent decades of experiences and adventures that put us in a unique category that is head and shoulders above just “some guys” who put together a Kenny Rogers sound-alike show.

What we deliver, is not only THE sound that backed Kenny over the years but in addition, we offer first-hand stories of adventures while on the road with Kenny as well as a viewpoint of Kenny’s music that can’t be proffered by anyone else. In addition, we present a multi-media presentation with videos and photos of the years on the road with Kenny that provide the audience an engaging experience unlike any other.

We give the audience an experience that they can’t get anywhere else. Presenting the songs of Kenny Rogers, the way that he performed them, from the band who knew him best, from premiere venues such as Carnegie Hall, to Albert Hall, from Sydney Opera House to the Grand Ole’ Opry as well as the thousands of cities and venues from all over the world playing live, to well over 50 million fans in the 40+ years of touring with Kenny.

Who is Don Gatlin and why is he singing the Kenny Rogers’ songs? Don Gatlin has been a serious player in the Country music market since the early 1990s as both a performer on Sony with ACM nominations for several years, and as a prolific songwriter, with platinum records to his credit. When we looked at setting up the Kenny Rogers Band – Through the Years show, we really gave serious thought to who would be the singer and front man for this show. As it happens, Don has been a life-long fan who credits Kenny as his main musical influence as a singer. With this special connection, as a songwriter Don had two separate songs he wrote that were recorded by Kenny and on the 2007 Greatest Hits album his song “Somethings Wrong In Vegas” was included. Kenny called Don and asked him to come in the studio to sing backup on the “song, but that was only the first surprise, while in the studio Kenny asked if Don might be interested in coming on the road to be his opening act on our upcoming UK tour! That connection ended up being such a success, that Don was asked to be the opening act for Kenny’s shows in a total of 66 times, resulting in quite a close relationship with both Kenny and the band. After Kenny’s retirement in 2018 Don approached the band with the idea of putting together the “Through the Years” show and it was felt that it would be the perfect combination and the rest is what has become a wonderful combination of the music of Kenny Rogers, performed by Don Gatlin, a dynamic, engaging front man who uniformly has the audience in the palm of his hand, with multiple standing ovations at each performance.

In the Through the Years show, of course, you will hear all of the mega-hits from Kenny’s legendary career, but also, we present other fan favorites that only occasionally made it into the normal tour song list.

In addition, we feature a section of the show, we call the “Kenny Speed Round” … where we ask the audience to call out their favorite song that they haven’t yet heard in the show that night, and since we’ve been Kenny’s band for so long… we of course, know them all… and will do a portion of the song for the fans right then and there… this has been an “over the top” success and favorite portion of the show because the fans really feel a part of the performance… and of course it keeps us on our toes too!

The 2-hour+ show is a not to be forgotten, wonderfully unique glimpse into the touring world of Kenny Rogers, through an evening of the music and memories honoring Kenny and his Legendary Career!

We wish to thank manufacturers who generously support us over the years.
Thank you GHS strings, Elixir strings, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Marco Bass Guitars,
Heritage Guitars, Yamaha Drums, Beier Snare Drums, Sabian Cymbols, Vic Firth drumsticks

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Daytime Friends - Las Vegas - South Point Casino - Sept 19, 2021

Ruby - Las Vegas - South Point Casino - Sept 19, 2021

Through the Years - Las Vegas - South Point Casino - Sept 19, 2021

Hear what fans are saying about Through the Years show

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The actual band that backed Kenny Rogers for 40+ years realized that there is still a tremendous demand for the songs that Kenny made so famous and felt that this show “Through the Years” would be a way they could honor Kenny and keep alive his legendary career.  Please feel free to watch a sample of their premier show below. 

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